Office Address

33/2291. M H B Colony,
Abhyudaya Nagar,
Mumbai - 400 033.

Contact Details

Contact Person : Suratchand T. Thakur
Phone Number : 022-25295512
Mobile Number : 8692928777
Email :

Our campaigns cannot happen without your help.

There are a number of ways in which you can donate us:

1) Donate With a Cheque, Money Order, or Debit / Credit Card

You can donate KARWAT FOUNDATION with a Cheque, Money Order, or debit / credit card by mail, call or visit our office directly.

Our Bank Details:
A/c Name: Karwat Foundation
A/c No. : SB / 129704
Bank Name: Abhyudaya Co-Operative Bank (Scheduled)
Branch: Abhyudaya Nagar, Kalachowki

2) Donate Gifts, Clothes, Sports Kit or Free Medical Treatment

You can donate us gifts, clothes, sports kit, free medical treatment or anything that you want to donate us.