KARWAT FOUNDATION was floated by a group of seven people most of them are attached to media houses, one lawyer, two social workers. Karwat Foundation is an acronym for Urban and Rural, Economic and Social Progress for Empowerment of Communities, Karwat Foundation is a non-profit, purely charitable institution registered with the Charity Commissioner's office in Mumbai (Regd. No. F - 32488 Mumbai) under the Society Registration Act of 1860.

The principal purpose of the foundation is to work towards human and environmental development, both in rural and urban areas through studies, research and action for improving the quality of life without any distinction of caste, colour, creed or religion.

Our objectives are to promote and develop sense of cooperation, brotherhood, unity, coordination, fraternity, friendship, humanity, equality, kindness, mutual helps among the members in particular and public at large.

To promote religious, Moral, social, educational, cultural economic and physical interest of the member particular and public at large. To work for National as well as International sports,arrange various competition of indoor and outdoor games. to give sport materials, kits and financial help to the needy and deserving sportsman. To provide free medical treatment of fatal and chronic diseases like cancer, Aids, HIV and others. To introduce Adult education in rural areas, eradication of illeteracy.To arrange medical camps, spread awareness about government policies for the poor and needy people in rural areas.distribute free food and cloths to needy people. Organised blood donation camps and etc.

We already help some needy people to get them proper treatment in the area of TB, who, are now fully recovered and earning breads for himself and his/her family members.

Founder Member

Honorary Mr. S T Thakur

Contact No.: 8692928777

Honorary Mr. P S Ojha

Contact No.: 9978903259